Sewer, Water, Storm and Utilities:

Baltazar Contractors, Inc. is an approved contractor with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Connecticut Department of Transportation and Department of Administrative Services, the Metropolitan District Commission, and the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission. Baltazar Contractors, Inc. specializes in the installation sanitary sewer, storm and water mains, public and private property service lateral connections, combined CSO separations, force mains and pump stations. Baltazar is experienced in deep utility installations, including large diameter pipe, manholes and structures, and temporary earth support systems such as steel sheeting, soldier piles and lagging. Where rock removal and dewatering is required, Baltazar utilizes rock removal techniques such as hydraulic impact breakers, drilling and blasting, and the installation of advanced dewatering systems to optimize performance. Baltazar is equipped with vacuum excavating and jetting equipment to perform utility test pits and manhole and catch basin cleanings.