Westfield, MA Streetscape

Great River Bridge Project – Including 3 Bridges and Roadway Reconstruction on a Section of Route 202/10 under the CSX Railroad and over the Westfield River

Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation
General Contractor: J.F. White Contracting Co.
Subcontractor: Baltazar Contractors, Inc.

Construction Schedule: 2011-2013

The Overall Project Scope of Work consists of the following components:

Construction of a new three lane Westfield River truss bridge crossing downstream of the existing three-lane Great River Bridge, replacement of the existing CSX viaduct over North Elm Street and Union Avenue, rehabilitation of the historic Great River Bridge, geometric improvements to project area intersections and adjacent city streets, and construction of a new public river front park. The new Great River Bridge will be designate for northbound traffic and the rehabilitation of the Historic Great River Bridge will be designated for southbound traffic. Both bridges will carry Routes 10 and 202 over the Westfield River. The replacement of the existing CSX viaduct over North Elm Street and Union Avenue requires raising the existing CSX tracks and viaduct to achieve a vertical clearance over North Elm Street. Associated with the raising of the tracks at the viaduct, track work on both sides of the viaduct will be reconstructed over a distance of approximately one mile.

Work will include reconstructing both the mainline and siding tracks. The trackwork will be performed both by work specified under this Contract and by work executed by CSX. The construction of a new public river front park on the north bank of the Westfield River will be provided. The Half Mile Falls Park will be permanently removed and replaced with an enlarged parking lot. Women’s Temperance Park will be rehabilitated in areas by the modifications made to the CSX viaduct.

Baltazar Contractors, Inc. Scope of Services as a Subcontractor:

The work under this Subcontract consists of drainage, sewer and water improvements, site grading, concrete and rock excavation, full depth road reconstruction, installation of new granite curb, construction of sidewalks, and loaming.